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Ha Long bay

Ha Long bay means the bay of descending dragon and is a famous landscape in the North West sea of Viet Nam, part of Quang Ninh province and recognized as a World natural heritage site by UNESCO.

The bay is made up of 1,969 islands and islets of various sizes, 989 of which have been given names after their own natural figure like The Toad islet, the Elephant islet, the fighting Cock islet…and the names of many beautiful caves and grottoes are closely linked to mysterious legends; the Wood head cave, the Virgin cave and the Heaven cave are good examples.
Ha Long bay allures visitors both by its imposing beauty and enchanting charm. The beauty of it is never monotonous, looks different viewed from various places and also changes with time. Visiting Ha Long bay at any season of the year, tourists still find its own extremely seductive charm.

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