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1. What does Viet Nam Led Trip offer?

We offer private and custom tours to meet our travelers’ unique needs and desires. Besides visiting beautiful landscapes, we also take our travelers to visit local sites with small streets, villages; markets, slums.…to see the real life of Vietnam. We also bring activities and funs to your kids to help them have a great trip. Although we have set up tours as listed, travelers can even change the itinerary, can add or delete stops to fit you

Our Services:

- Offer a basic tour packages but personalize to clients’ request and specialize in landscapes, custome, culture and history.

- Offer REAL Vietnamese daily life tours not just tourist attractions.

- Tour guide and Car Rental Services. 

- Complete service from meeting at airport on arrival, through entire holiday to departure from airport.

- Advice and Recommendations for destination, transportation, hotels, restaurants, tours, shopping, tailors, beaches, activities….

2. Why Viet Nam Led Trip is a bit more expensive than other tour companies?

We help tourists learn –enjoy- discover the charm as well as the local sites of Vietnam in their free way. With Viet Nam Led Trip tourists have their all private and best services; Viet Nam Led Trip offer our travelers more than just 'see the sights'. Our local guides have good knowledge about Vietnam and do their best to bring the great experience for our tourists. They are trained to enable encounters with local people while on tour, encourage our guests to taste local fruits and delicacies, facilitate a chat with an ordinary rice farmer on the way.

3. How do I pay for the tour?

At the moment, we accept payment by Western Union, bank transfer, or Cash and we will send you the bank details after the tour is booked. You can put 30% deposit before you arrive Viet Nam and the rest you can pay when you arrive Viet Nam, our staff will come to your hotel to collect the fee or we will have our tour guide collect the fee for us.

For more information, please see our terms and conditions orplease contact us:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call us at +84 902 44 75 44

4. How do I get the refund if the tour is not delivered as promised? 

If the tour is not delivered as promised, a 30 percent refund will be given, provided you contact us within 7 days of the conclusion of your tour after we listen from both two sites tour guide and travelers to find out the reason. If the reason because of our site you will get 30 percent refund back but if we have to transfer the refund back to you, we will charge you the transferring fee.

5. Are there any risks to take a tour?

Your safety is the paramount concern of Viet Nam Led Trip, however, there are risks in any travel situation in a foreign country. Whether they are significant depends on the type of tour. If you are taking a city tour for example, those risks will be very low. If you are climbing a mountain or go with motorbike, they will be higher.
You are strongly encouraged to have adequate travel insurance to cover you in the event of a mishap.


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